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Shout Outs
Shout Outs
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This section is Dedicated to anyone who wants to make a shout out to the anyone in the world or maybe just So.Cal
Email me at for shoutouts to be posted here. Email me with your First name and last initial with your message (note any profanity will be censored but not removed to respect your first amendment rights)


ADD Dimond in the Ruff
ADD Dimond in the Ruff theyre a great band!

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Christian H. : "I'd like to give a shout out to my most fav. adings in the whole world Ading Jiellyn and Ading Jubeth Mahal kita! <3"
Christian H: " Miranda Morgan in Kileen, Texas I Love you. I can't wait to see you!"

This is a Shout out to all the ppl at BVM in Bonita!
Sandiego Rules