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If you need help with DDR then here's the place. Also if you begginer then read below. If you already know how to play then you can skip.

Tips for Begginers


About DDR

Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) conceptually is a very simple game. There is a platform with four arrows: up, down, left, and right.

DDR Platform

There are four stationary arrows at the top of the screen. There will be arrows that scroll up from the bottom of the screen.

DDR Screen

When the scrolling arrows overlap the stationary arrows, you then hit the corresponding arrow on the platform. And that's it! You have now learned the basics of DDR. Edit Text

How to play ddr imports on your US console
    If your a hardcore ddr fan (like me) and you have a ddr import from asia, or you are planning on buying but don't know what to do. Then this is the place.
     Mod Chips: Mod chips are things that you can install into you system buy opening up the system. They modify you system buy tricking your console to think that a japanese game or import game is really a us formated game. Here's the reason why: Manafacuters put an international lockout on japanese and US games. Notice how they say "game only for use in USA or Japan".Buy opening up ur console this valids your warentey. This is one soultuion, BUT THIS SHOULD BE USED AS A LAST RESORT! Boot disk work better becasue you don't have to modify your system.
     Boot Disk: As explained boot disk's are disk that allow you to play imports and not having to modify you system. What it dose is when combined with a slidetool it tricks your console to think it is a US formatted game. The ubove link is a link to purchese a slide tool and a boot disck called swap magik. I personaly own these two and they work like a charm.
Where to buy DDR and Imports:
Here are some great sites to vist for ddr games and accsesories. a great place for imports and US games. come on you never heard of  ebay? ebgames website. gamestop website console backups!
Freestyle Tips:by Hyperbroken at

Tips and Techniques - Performance

by HyperBroken

FYI: Entertaining a crowd and a DDR    Veteran are two different   things. Anything as little as looking away from the screen will entertain a crowd, but for seasoned DDR veteran, you'll need to pull out all stops and bust out something never done before. Or just know how to 'dance'.

It takes many things for a quality routine. Technique, Flow, Content, Comedy, Corrdination, Shock Value, and Crowd Control. Any one of these alone will just not work.

One fine example is DJ 8-Ball. His routines are well thought out and practiced. Such as his Cafe Routine, or his Synchronized Love routine.

Even more so, Kevin Kim's Dam Dariram Routine foreshadows just about everyone in California. Not only does he have excellent technique, but 1. his arms techniques are ALWAYS clean, which is hard to say about most other freestylers here, and 2. his routine shows that he's put A LOT of practice in it.

Costumes alone will not win a tournament. Sure, it looks different from regular clothing, but if don't do anything special with it, might as well wear regular clothes. If you dress as a samurai, wield a sword. If you dress as a DBZ character, do some energy blast. If you dress as a breaker, for god sakes, B-BOY! ^_^

Relying on a single freestyle move will not win a tournament. I don't care if you defy gravity. If you rely on just one thing, you are on your own. Adding variety will better your chances.

On a related topic, sticking to overplayed, overused moves like these will (greatly) lessen your chances of placing.


*These moves are a . Avoid at all costs.* (image by jmdbcool)

Most importantly of all, you must put a lot of time and practice in your routine. No one likes to see a really good, but sloppy routine, where the arms are flopping everywhere. The more time you commit to practicing your routine, the better looking your routine will come out. Practice is your friend.

Experience is also your friend. You can read freestyling tips as much as you like, but unless you go over and check out an actual tournament and do a routine, you'll never really find your true freestyle potential. Goto tournaments, check out placing routines, and have a feel for it. You can only get better by going out there and testing your mettle. After that, download the vids, and use that as building blocks for your next routine.

Finally, DO NOT COPY SOMEONE ELSE'S ROUTINE. You will be shunned as a result. Add your own flair, your own style and taste. People are looking for something different, not 25 routines of the same thing.

That is all. Good luck and have fun!

Check out Dj Trunks Butterfly Routine here: Butterfly




Sandiegos best DDR Locations:

  • Golden Token Amusment
  • Tilt Acade: Plaza Bonita
  • Tilt Arcade: Chula Vista Mall
  • Wunderland: National City

Where to buy DDR Arcade Pads:

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This is a Shout out to all the ppl at BVM in Bonita!
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