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More on DDR and other random things

Shout Outs
DDR Machine Locations
ddr in the classroom
DDR Photos and Videos
Song Lyrics
More on DDR and other random things

Great site with ddr info, tips, guides, machine locaters and more!
sandiego's very own DDR League. YAY!
great ddr info and MIDI files\
listen to and get great MP3's to put in you own website

Wanna know more about me or other ddr players? Then go to these Xanguhs. All of them live in Sandiego and most are in the 619 area.



Well if you know any other Xangas of ppl who go to BVM or play DDR and live within Sandiego, CA then email me!

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This is a Shout out to all the ppl at BVM in Bonita!
Sandiego Rules