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DDR Photos and Videos

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DDR Photos and Videos
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DDR Photos
                             A DDR Home Pad
                           a ddr metal pad
        Here are some DDR verison (note: im not credited plz) Credit goes to kathyanddavid/versions.html

DDR is currently on its 8th mix. It has over 50 songs in the Home version.  

The oldest DDR that I've ever seen in an arcade is second mix; not the best, but far better than most other games out there.

Oddly enough the newest DDR that I've seen in arcade. Also the newest one I've been able to find for an even remotely decent price for the Playstation. Ton of great songs, and tons more to unlock.

4th mix is one I've seen in a very select, small number of places. It's got a huge mega ton of songs.

Never seen the arcade machine of 5th mix, ut I've heard it exists. Damn lucky ass So-Cal ppl. In any case it's got even more songs, and even more of the same foot stompin' fun.


Thankfully DDR has come out for some home systems, so people can work on their moves before making fools out of themselves in public. There is an amazing number of dance pads, both by Konami and knock offs, but all of difffering quality but all absolutely necessary.

Imagine the most addictive game possible and combine it with wonderfully annoying songs like "It's a Small World." What do you get? DDR Disney Mix. The world may never be the same.

DDR Videos
DDR Butterfly Video(Dr Trunks):Butterfly
DDR Butterfly (Single Mr.Googles):Butterfly
DDR Paranioa (jenith):paranoia
André - Dam Dariram
Some More Videos
Supply Butterfly [Trick]
Tivor [3rd place] Dam Dariram

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This is a Shout out to all the ppl at BVM in Bonita!
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