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ASB store items
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Thanks to the BVM website for this info

What does the ASB store sell?
Crayola Color Pencils A pack of twelve, all basic colors, useful in US History and World Cultures.
$2.50 each
Mechanical Pencil BIC brand - these come with three pieces of lead ready to use!  Plus - you never have to sharpen.
$0.50 each
Pencils #2, economical and useful.
$0.05 each
Fine Line Razor Point Pens These fine point pens can be used to label maps and outline drawings.
$1.25 each
Pencil Sharpeners Multi-colored sharpeners.
$0.50 each
Pencil Grippers These, also in various colors, wrap around your pencil to give you comfort and grip.
$0.50 each
Erasers Erase mistakes with a stroke of the hand.
$0.50 each
Pens These ball pens give a good, solid mark.
$0.35 each
Calculators Texas calculators are perfect for Math, with scientific notation and exponents.
$16.00 each
Rulers Used in many classes including Math and History, make that impression with a good, straight line.
$1.00 each
Pee Chee Folder Good quality, these will protect and hold your papers without fail.
$0.50 each
Templates A writing guide, your letters get lined up.
$4.00 each
Paper Composition Notebook These 25 page notebooks are good for daily problems and assignments.  Buy two for long-time assignements.
$0.25 each
Page Protectors Handy when you need to protect that report or assignment, these hole-punched protectors can be stored in your binder.
$0.50 each
Zipper Bags These bags will hold many pencils and pens, with a nice zipper for opening and closing.  You can also store your erasers and school supplies in them.
$1.00 each
Divider Sheets A package of five, these multi-colored pages divide up to five subjects in you binder.  Includes tabs for labeling.
$1.00 each
Snacks and Drinks In addition to school supplies, the ASB student store sells a virety of candy, drinks, etc.
Starting at $0.25

When can I stop by?

Stop by at any window during Nutrition Break, First Lunch, or Second Lunch and purchase anything seen above.  An ASB representative will be happy to assist you.

O ya wats with the Gatorade Machines being sold out??

bvm rules!